PT. THORINDO LENTERA LABUHAN, a local Indonesian company with main activities includes airfield lighting, ground power unit and the spare parts, airport navigation product plus its spareparts trading, engineering and construction infrastructure related products and services. From a small scale operation with only four employees and concentrate on general trading line of business started on 13 April 2004, the company and its group have grown into a bigger company in the last few years with more than 20 employees. Our company now receive a wide range of sole agencies and services, not just from domestic products manufacturer but also from international products manufacturer as well.

Our focus and strength lay with our expertise’s experience in servicing the rapid development of Indonesia through its three important support sectors namely Airport airfield lighting plus ground handling, Aviation products and Special vehicle. Challenged by the enormous demand for airport infrastructure related products and import substitutes, we have strived on providing products through innovation and flexible cooperation that can compete with the international brands in terms of quality and price. We have established an overseas strategic partner of local, European and Australian, to support our operations and keep us attuned with the rapid development of airfield lighting and heavy engineering technologies.

The local Strategic partners have continually pursued a concentric diversification policy in industrial manufacturing using steel as the primary raw materials, to support the project to lower their cost on local steel-fabrication material required. We have matured to undertake large projects involving millions of dollars on a turnkey basis.

Our project management team has already developed its network and expertise in integrating and securing whatever facilities the group cannot produce itself.

To date, we have accomplished some significant numbers projects. Although the bulk of our activity is in Indonesia, we have succeeded to get the jobs in overseas projects. We intend to increase our international activities by exporting product and services that we do best as we progressively expand our engineering and constructing partners capability including that offshore trading activities.

Our company is open to all opportunities that can promote efficiency in all of area of activities. Even if we have been able to deliver what our clients require efficiently, economically and on schedule, we do not hesitate to join with other technology leaders if will improve our products and services.

We trust that you will find our brief company profile informative. You can rely on us to be your trustworthy partner. PT. THORINDO LENTERA LABUHAN looks forward to work with you in the future. Thank you for looking into our company.